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Top 10 Best Biriyani Dishes in Brick Lane London

Craving some delicious and authentic Biriyani dishes? Look no further than Muhib Indian Cuisine! This article will give you a rundown of the top 10 best Biriyani dishes available in this area so that you can choose which one to try for your next meal. From traditional Indian flavors to exotic fusion creations, get ready to be blown away by the sheer variety of delicious Biriyani dishes in Brick Lane, London!

History of Biriyani

Biryani is a rice dish that originates from the Indian subcontinent. It is typically made with spices, rice, and meat or vegetables. Biriyani is a popular dish in many parts of the world, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The word biryani is derived from the Persian word brian, which means “fried” or “roasted”. Biryanis are believed to have originated in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire. The dish was brought to India by Persian invaders and quickly became popular among the Indian aristocracy.

Biryanis became even more popular during the reign of Shah Jahan when the Mughal Empire reached its peak. Shah Jahan’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal, was particularly fond of biryani and is said to have requested it on her deathbed. The dish spread from the royal kitchens to the general population and soon became a staple of Indian cuisine. Biryanis are now enjoyed by people all over the world.

Top 10 Best Biriyani Dishes in Brick Lane

Brick Lane is home to some of the best biriyani in London. Here are our top 10 picks:

1. Muhib House Biriyani

house biriyani

There are many different types of Biriyani available in the world, but none quite compare to the MUHIB House Biriyani. This dish is served with a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices, all cooked together to create a truly unique and flavorsome experience. The MUHIB House Biriyani is definitely one of the best Biriyani dishes that you will find in Brick Lane, London.

2. Moglai Chicken Biriyani


Moglaai chicken biriiyani is a classic Brick Lane dish, and one of the best biriyani dishes in London. The chicken is marinated in a mixture of yogurt, spices, and herbs, then cooked with rice and vegetables.

The result is a flavorful, moist, and slightly spicy dish that is sure to please any biriyani lover.

3. Shahi Moglai Biriyani


The Shahi Moglai Biriyani is one of the most popular biriyani dishes in Brick Lane, London. Cook aromatic spices and rice in a clay pot with chicken, lamb, or beef to make this dish. Serve the dish with raita (yogurt sauce), salad, and chutney.

4. Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Biriyani


There’s no need to choose between chicken and lamb when you can have both in this delicious tikka biriyani.

Cook tender chunks of chicken and lamb in a spiced tomato sauce and serve with basmati rice, peas, and fried onions. This dish is sure to satisfy everyone at the table.

5. Tandoori King Prawn Biriyani

King Prawn Biriyani

The tandoori king prawn biriyanis at the Brick Lane Curry House are some of the most succulent and flavorful you will ever taste.

A secret blend of spices marinates the prawns. The traditional clay oven cooks the prawns to perfection. Basmati rice, saffron, and a blend of spices accompany the dish. This dish is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

6. Chicken Or Lamb Biriyani

Chicken Or Lamb Biriyani

There are many different types of biriyani, but chicken or lamb biriyani is definitely one of the most popular. Basmati rice typically prepares this dish, either chicken or lamb can accompany this dish. A curry sauce typically cooks the meat. Raita, a yogurt-based sauce, often accompanies the dish on the side. Biriyani is a very hearty dish, and it is perfect for a winter meal.

7. King Prawn Biriyani

King Prawn Biriyani

King prawn biryani is one of the most popular biriyani dishes in Brick Lane, London. It is made with long-grain rice, spices, and shellfish, and is usually served with raita (a yogurt-based sauce).

People believe that the dish have originated in the Indian subcontinent and has become a popular menu item in many restaurants in the United Kingdom.

8. Prawn Biryani

Prawn Biryani

Prawn Biriyani is one of the top Biriyani dishes in Brick Lane London. It is a fragrant and flavorful rice dish, made with prawns, spices, and herbs. The prawns are cooked in spiced gravy, and then layered with rice and cooked until tender.

People usually serve Prawn Biriyani with raita (a yogurt-based dip) or a salad.

9. Vegetable Biriyani

Vegetable Biriyani

Vegetable Biriyani is a classic Indian dish that is perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Combine rice, vegetables, and spices to make the dish and often serve it with raita and a side of pickled onions. Typically make Biriyani with basmati rice, but you can use any type of rice. The key to a good Biriyani is in the spices. A good Biriyani will have a balance of warm spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, as well as fresh ginger and garlic.

10. Mushroom Biriyani

Mushroom Biriyani

Mushroom Biriyani is one of the best biriyani dishes you can find in Brick Lane, London. It is a hearty dish that is perfect for winter, and it is packed with flavor.

The mushrooms are cooked in spiced gravy, and the rice is flavored with saffron and cardamom. This dish is sure to warm you up on a cold day.

These 10 top best biriyani dishes we offer to our customers. Some of the most delicious and authentic dishes you’ll ever taste. So what are you waiting for? Visit us today and start exploring!

Where to find the Best Biriyani Dishes in Brick Lane?

If you are a fan of Biriyani, then you will definitely want to check out Muhib Indian Cuisine. This spot is known for serving up some of the best Biriyani dishes in Brick Lane London. The menu features a variety of different Biriyani dishes, all of which are absolutely delicious.

Whether you are looking for something traditional or something a little bit different, Muhib cuisine is sure to have what you are looking for.

There are many reasons why Muhib cuisine is the best Biriyani in Brick Lane London. The first reason is that the ingredients used in their dishes are of the highest quality. They use fresh meat, vegetables, and spices which are all sourced from local suppliers. This means that the dishes have a great flavor and are healthy too.

Another reason why Muhib cuisine is the best Biriyani in Brick Lane London is that they use traditional cooking methods. This means that the food is cooked slowly over low heat to allow all the flavors to develop fully. This results in a tastier and more nutritious meal.

Finally, Muhib cuisine also offers excellent value for money. Their portions are generous and their prices are very reasonable. This makes them the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal.


Trying the top 10 best biriyani dishes in Brick Lane London is sure to be a memorable experience. Muhib Cuisine offers a range of delicious, aromatic, and authentically spiced Biriyani dishes that can satisfy any palate. With our excellent selection of classic recipes, they truly are the experts on traditional Indian cuisine. Whether you are looking for something mild or spicy, there is something for everyone at Muhib Cuisine’s restaurant in Brick Lane London. So why not come down and try out one of these amazing biriyani dishes?

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