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Best Vegan Indian Dishes

The Ultimate List of Best Vegan Indian Dishes You Need to Try

Veganism has gained much popularity in recent years, with more and more people opting for plant-based diets. In India, where vegetarianism is already widespread, veganism has become a natural progression for many.

Given the bold flavours and rich spices that are a hallmark of Indian cuisine, it is an ideal choice for vegans exploring new tastes and textures. Furthermore, the beauty of Indian cuisine lies in the diversity of its dishes, with many already vegan or easily adaptable to a vegan diet.

 Whether you are a vegan or simply looking to try something new, exploring the best vegan Indian dishes is a must. This article has compiled the ultimate list of the best vegan Indian dishes you need to try, ranging from mouthwatering appetizers to hearty main courses and indulgent desserts.


  • Samosas: This quintessential Indian snack is a crispy, triangular pastry filled with spiced potatoes, peas, and sometimes lentils or paneer. It is usually served with tamarind or mint chutney.
  • Aloo Tikki: Aloo Tikki is a popular street food in India made with mashed potatoes, peas, and spices. It is shaped into patties and fried until golden brown. It is usually served with chutneys and yogurt.
  • Bhel Puri: This delicious and refreshing snack combines puffed rice, vegetables, and chutneys. It is a popular street food in India, and the ingredients can be adjusted according to your taste.
  • Masala Papad: This crispy appetizer is made by roasting papad (thin and crispy Indian flatbread) and topping it with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, and spices. It is a perfect appetizer to start your meal.

Main Course

  • Chana Masala: Chana Masala is a spicy and flavorful chickpea curry made with tomatoes, onions, and aromatic spices. It is best served with steamed rice or naan.
  • Baingan Bharta: This delicious dish has roasted and mashed eggplant, onions, tomatoes, and various spices. It is a popular dish in North India, usually served with roti or rice.
  • Aloo Gobi: Aloo Gobi is a classic Indian dish with potatoes, cauliflower, and spices. It is a simple dish that is perfect for any meal.
  • Dal Makhani: This creamy and indulgent lentil curry is made with black lentils and kidney beans simmered in a rich tomato-based sauce. 
  • Palak Paneer: Palak Paneer is a classic Indian dish made with spinach and cottage cheese. For a vegan version, tofu can be used instead of paneer.
  • Vegetable Biryani: This fragrant and flavorful rice dish is made with various vegetables and aromatic spices. It is usually served with raita, a yoghurt-based side dish.
  • Tandoori Roti: Tandoori Roti is a soft and fluffy Indian bread usually baked in a clay oven called a tandoor. It is a perfect accompaniment to any curry or dish.

Side Dishes

  • Raita: Raita is a refreshing yogurt-based side dish usually served with spicy Indian curries or biryanis. It can be made with vegetables like cucumber, onion, or tomato.
  • Achari Baingan: Achari Baingan is a tangy and spicy dish made with eggplant and a blend of pickling spices. It is usually served with roti or rice.
  • Gajar Ka Halwa: Gajar Ka Halwa is a popular Indian dessert made with grated carrots, milk, sugar, and nuts. It is usually served warm and is a perfect way to end any meal.


  • Mango Lassi: This is a sweet, fruity drink with fresh mangoes, dairy-free yogurt, and a touch of sugar. It’s perfect for cooling down on a hot day or as a sweet treat after a spicy meal.
  • B. Kulfi: A traditional Indian ice cream made with dairy-free milk, sugar, and cardamom. It’s frozen in molds and served in slices or scoops. Kulfi is a rich and creamy dessert with a unique texture and flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • C. Jalebi: A classic Indian dessert made by deep-frying flour and yogurt batter into pretzel-like shapes and soaking them in sugar syrup. Jalebi is a sweet and sticky treat often enjoyed during festive occasions.

Where to find Best Vegan Indian Dishes in Brick Lane?

Muhib Indian Cuisine in Brick Lane is the perfect destination for those searching for the best vegan Indian dishes. The restaurant offers various vegan options, including appetizers like samosas and aloo tikki, main courses like chana masala and baingan bharta, and desserts like mango lassi and jalebi. They also cater to dietary restrictions by offering gluten-free and nut-free options. Located in the heart of Brick Lane, it is easily accessible for locals and tourists, and the cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a great spot for any occasion. Visit Muhib Indian Cuisine for a diverse and satisfying dining experience.


We’ve covered a range of vegan Indian dishes packed with flavour and nutrients. There’s something for everyone, from appetizers like samosas and bhel puri to main courses like chana masala and palak paneer. Trying new foods is a great way to expand your palate and experience new cultures. Vegan Indian cuisine is delicious and offers a wide range of health benefits, including improved digestion and lower cholesterol levels. If you’re looking to explore vegan Indian cuisine, start by trying a few dishes from this list. Feel free to experiment with different spices and flavors to find your favorites. And most importantly, enjoy the delicious journey of discovering the rich and diverse world of vegan Indian food!

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