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Muhib indian cuisine
Best Christmas Dinner Near Spitalfields

Make Your Christmas Dinner Extra Special with Muhib Indian Cuisine

Come to Muhib Indian Cuisine and have a special Christmas dinner near Spitalfields, and it’s not just a place to eat – it’s like a magical holiday spot. We make delicious food that is different from the usual, and we want you to join us for a super fun Christmas celebration. Get ready for a Christmas feast unlike any other!

A Culinary Wonderland

Muhib Cuisine is a super special place for yummy food! We are like food artists, mixing classic Indian tastes with new, cool cooking ideas. The chefs are spice masters and use awesome tricks to make food extra tasty. We have created a special Christmas menu to make your holiday eating awesome!

Festive Ambiance

Once you enter our restaurant, it’s like stepping into a magical world where Christmas is all around! We have unique decorations, cosy lights, and music that excite you.

Unveiling the Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu of Muhib Indian Cuisine

Explore our special Christmas menu! It has yummy Indian food with a holiday twist. Begin your tasty adventure with delicious starters like Samosas and Pakoras. They have special spices that make your taste buds happy!

Vegetarian Delights

We want to make everyone happy with yummy food! Our special Christmas menu has tasty vegetarian dishes. Try our delicious Paneer Tikka and Vegetable Biryani. Each bite is like a party with lots of colours and yummy smells!

Sweet Endings

Christmas dinners are super fun with yummy treats! At Muhib Indian Cuisine, we have the best sweet treats to end your meal happily. Try our unique desserts like Gulab Jamun and Kheer. They’re like magic Indian sweets, all ready to make your holiday feast memorable and tasty!

Personalized Dining Experience

Personalized Dining Experience

At Muhib Indian Cuisine, we know everyone is special, and our helpful team wants to ensure you have a particular time to eat with us. If you have certain foods you like or if there’s something special you want, just let us know! We’re here to make your Christmas celebration fun and unforgettable.

Convenient Location

Muhib Indian Cuisine is a great place to enjoy Christmas dinner near Spitalfields! It’s easy to get to because it’s in the middle of everything. You can enjoy the holiday feeling without going too far from the city centre.

Reservation Details

Ensure you get a seat at Muhib Indian Cuisine’s Christmas dinner! Just call us to book your table. It can be a special dinner for two people or a big party with your family and friends. The people at the restaurant are excellent and will help you book your spot quickly.

Contact Us

Do you want to know about our Christmas food, book a table, or ask for something special? Contact us; our lovely team will help you plan a fun Christmas party at Muhib Indian Cuisine.

Phone: 020 7247 7122


Address: 73 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RL


This holiday time, come to Muhib Indian Cuisine for the yummiest Christmas dinner near Spitalfields! It’s like stepping into a magical kitchen where Christmas joy is in every delicious bite. The restaurant is all dressed up for the holidays, and we have a special Christmas menu just for you. We hope you choose Muhib Indian Cuisine for your special holiday meal. Hurry and reserve your table to enjoy a fantastic Christmas feast!

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